Rotarians are People of Action! Rotary International Director Elizabeth Usovicz provides an update on Rotary's response to this disaster. 

Dear Leaders in Zones 30 and 31,

Many of you have inquired about the best ways to provide a response to the devastating earthquake affecting the people of Turkey and Syria, and about Rotary International’s response  

Recent actions taken by The Rotary Foundation trustees and Rotary International are the following, including the best option for disaster response contributions:
  • The lead story on and about Rotary responding to the earthquake was updated on Monday.  It includes a message about helping by giving to the Turkey/Syria Disaster Response Fund.
  • A video from RIP Jennifer Jones has been shared on social media, and can be viewed on the Rotary Zones 30 and 31 Facebook Group here: The video can also be viewed on Twitter and Instagram..
  • Donating to the Turkey/Syria Disaster Response Fund is the call to action in President Jennifer’s video. Donations can be made via the online giving platform and selecting the Turkey/Syria Disaster Response Fund here:                                                                                                                                                                                       
Communications and coordination with regional and district leadership is taking place on a daily basis. Similarly, Rotary is in regular contact with partners such as ShelterBox.  For example, District Governors and District Rotary Disaster Committee members from the three Rotary districts in Turkey are providing ShelterBox support and invaluable situational awareness.  Rotary members have been trucking blankets, food and medicines to affected areas across all affected regions of Turkey working with ShelterBox.

Thank you for your compassion in addressing the needs of people whose lives have been devastated by this disaster.


Elizabeth Usovicz

Rotary International Director