District Grant requests have been awarded for the Rotary year 2019-2020. A total of 65 requests from 30 clubs were submitted for a total $76,285. 
The window is now rapidly closing for all follow-up grant reporting.  The March 31 reporting deadline has been extended to APRIL 5. Please contact District Grants Chair Andrew Ward revandrewward@gmail.com if you will take advantage of that extension or if you need assistance with how to close a grant. 
There is a link on this page with instructions as presented by DGN Bob Vaughn at PETS on how to close a grant.
COVID-19 Note:
In conjunction with the recent grants rules change by Rotary International, clubs that have not been able to complete the project for which they received a district grant in the 2019-2020 cycle may now apply those funds directly to a project related to COVID-19 relief.  Clubs wishing to take advantage of this option must contact Andrew Ward with an explanation and request for an extension. These requests will be favorably received.
There is a link with instructions on how to amend a grant on this page.
Applications for District Grants for next year must submitted by May 31,2020, so your club boards should be considering now what projects for which they would like funding.  Each club may submit up to three grant requests. REMEMBER: in order to qualify your club to submit requests for 2020-21 District Grants, you must have:
  1. Closed out the previous year’s grant correctly;
  2. Had an active club member attend a certified Grant Management Seminar.  There are three options for this. Only the club member who completes this training may submit a grant request on behalf of your club:
    • you attended the training led by  Bob Vaughn at PETS on March 7;
    • you attend one of 2 training ooprtunities via Zoom offered by DGE Elizabeth and a member of the District Grants Committee.  Download the ClubRunner App or watch the District Calendar for dates and times;
    • participate via the Learning Center at rotary.org in the Global Grants Training class; you will need to download the certificate and send it to District Foundation Chair Greg Lier greglier@gmail.com 
  3. Have an executed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed by both the current (2019-2020) and the incoming (2020-2021) club presidents (link on this page); send the scanned, signed signature page to Greg Lier.
While not a requirement, it is useful if the project addresses one of Rotary’s Areas of Focus. There is not a sustainability requirement as there is for Global Grants. District Grants are more designed to be short-term projects whereas Global Grants are for longer-term projects.
All grant requests must be done online. Log into the district website, www.rotary6840.org, and go to the Member Area. Click on Grants, then Submit a Grant Request under that tab. In addition to the project description, there are sections asking for the total project cost, and the funds requested for the District Grant. Bear in mind that the district has limited funds available to fund District Grants. You may not receive all that you ask for, but efforts are made to provide at least some funding for all worthy grant requests.
REMEMBER that only the club member/s who is/are certified as having completed the training can submit the grant request; your club secretary will need to ensure that your member data is up to date in the Club Runner platform.